Body Found In Lake County Home After House Fire

A Lake County home was destroyed by a fire Wednesday night.

Thursday, a body was found inside.

Fire departments responded to the fire Wednesday night.

When they arrived, they found it full of flames and smoke. A woman was feared to be trapped inside.

Crews weren’t immediately able to get inside to check for anyone because of the heavy smoke in the Lake County home on Lakola road in Luther.

Police have been out at the scene all day, sifting through debris.

They found the body of a person inside the home.

“There was no one in the home except the homeowner as we understand it,” says Lt. Todd Parsons, Michigan State Police.

Police tell us the homeowner is Evelyn Ware. Family members believe she was the person inside during the fire.

Thursday, police began searching.

“The fire investigation unit from the state police is here, investigators from across the state. We have an excavator here, we begin to slowly sift through debris of the house,” says Lt. Parsons.

They found a body, but Michigan State Police have not confirmed whose body it is.

“We are gathering any evidence, if there is any, and then there will be examinations, so it will take some time to determine. We need to determine the cause of origin to the fire if at all possible,” says Lt. Parsons.

Evelyn Ware’s grandchildren showed up to the home. They believe the victim is their grandmother.

They didn’t want to be on camera.

“She was always there for me if I needed to talk to her. Every time her and I would go out, she would spoil me, she bought me all kinds of stuff,” says Austin Ware, grandson.

Grandson Austin Ware says in the past, Evelyn worked for Pine River Schools and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

He says he was just at her home during the holidays.

“I brought her chocolate filled straws, you put them in milk and drink it. She loved those around Christmas time. Right now it hasn’t hit me, it hasn’t really sunk in,” says Ware.

An autopsy will be performed on the body.


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