Great Lakes Captains Association Holds 33rd Annual Industry Days

Marine captains are coming together in Traverse City this week to stay up to date on what’s happening in the boating industry.

The Great Lakes Captains Association is holding their 33rd annual Great Lakes Captains Industry Days.

Sailors from a number of vessels, including research boats, fishing boats and ferries, are participating.

Speakers and Coast Guard members will present important information, like new regulations.

The association says it’s a great way for everyone to come together and learn from each other.

“When we bring everybody together, you aggregate all of their wisdom and their background knowledge and their experience to say here’s this regulation, here’s what we’re doing to comply with it,” explained Great Lakes Captains Association President, Captain Bob Schallip. “Perhaps you can provide that by the same means. We strive to have everybody walk out of here at the end of two days with a better understanding of what they do and how to do it safely.”

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