Art of Aging: Medicine, Mobility and Meals

The desire to live independently never goes away, especially as we age.

In this month’s Art of Aging, Russ and Leslie Knopp from Comfort Keepers share some of the key aspects of maintaining that independence well into your later years.

No matter our age, we all want to live independently. For Baby Boomers and seniors, it becomes a little more difficult but it is not impossible.

Russ and Leslie say it all boils down to the three Ms.

The 3 Ms are: Meds, mobility and meals. We call those the three legs of the stool of independence.

An issue with one of them can snowball into a real big problem.

So, what are some tips for managing your meds?

It’s really important to be consistent with medications. One of the tools out there to use are the med boxes. We believe anybody that takes multiple medications or more than once a day can benefit from having one of these. It just helps keep you organized and keeps everything taken on schedule, which is really key. Filling the box is really important to have it done right, and if you have two sets of eyes on it when you’re doing it, it really avoids a lot of errors.

Moving on to meals…

Seniors need to make sure they’re getting the nutrition that they need. There are all kinds of services out there that do delivery, everything from the prepared meal to the ingredients for somebody that still wants to cook but just doesn’t like the shopping part. There are a variety of external kinds of services that can be brought in to help. The main thing is to try to avoid eating processed foods and frozen meals as the nutritional content isn’t right for seniors.

Tips to try to stay mobile and active as you as. The key is just to stay active. Just getting up and down out of a chair is important thing. Movement can really go a long ways. Try to avoid falls by wearing proper footwear, taking your time getting places, making sure everything is well lit, all those kind of things. One of the most important things to do is to keep your muscles working.

If any of these three Ms become an issue for you as you get older, talk to your physician, talk to your doctor and see if they might be able to help you.  Pharmacist can play a big role too, especially if you’re having questions about medications and how they’re making you feel.

There’s all kinds of resources out there in the community.

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