Camp Grayling, National Guard Soldiers Train Carefully In Freezing Temperatures

The freezing conditions aren’t stopping the men and women who are serving our country from training to protect it.

Members of the military train around the clock to defend our nation from the unexpected.

That also means preparing in these extremely cold temperatures.

When a unit comes to the Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center in conditions like these, the National Guard says they go through a risk analysis.

The Guard uses a matrix of probability to determine what the potential risk is in training in the cold.

They say it is not stopping small arms training from taking place at the base this weekend.

Each soldier takes precautions in order to stay safe from the elements.

“The importance of taking care of the soldiers, we don’t want anything happening to them,” says Cliff Mayhew, director of plans training, security and operations at Camp Grayling. “We don’t want anything like frostbite or hypothermia or any kind of injury or God forbid a fatality happened in a cold weather environment. Those tools are in place to protect them.”

The National Guard expects Marine reservists to come up for on-site training in the frigid weather next month.