Petition to Recall Kalkaska Village President Moves Forward

“The court will, as it’s required to do, leave it to the citizens to decide.”

The recall petition against Kalkaska village president Jeff Sieting will continue after the circuit court ruled on it Wednesday.

The petition comes after Sieting made several controversial posts on social media regarding Muslims and black lives matter.

As well as his handling of the 2017 budget.

Sieting argued it violates his freedom of speech, and that some of the claims of the petition were invalid and not truthful.

However, the judge ruled the petition as legal, stating the claims only need to be factual.

“Well I’ve said it a lot of times before, I don’t own this position, and it doesn’t define me. I was elected, entrusted by the people of this community to perform the duties of this position. And I think I’ve done that very well. Now if the citizens who put me here decide otherwise, that’s their right,” says Sieting.

The recall will move into a public vote unless an appeal is made.

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