Missaukee Co. Residents Endure Sub-Zero Wind Chills Across Area

Wind chills are dipping temperatures down to 20-below-zero in some areas, and even lower.

Many of you are staying inside.

That’s smart but others have to brave the elements.

“I had to shovel for work and it’s pretty bitter out,” says Shawn Morgan.

Bitter is one way to put it.

For cook-turned-shoveler Shawn Morgan in Lake City, it’s a force to reckon with.

With winds slashing up from Lake Missaukee, he says it’s giving him a lot to think about as he endures the cold.

“Everything freezing up,” Morgan says. “How are the roads going to be? What’s everybody going to do if they are stuck outside, you know, if they get in the ditch.”

It’s a threat that could harm exposed skin.

That’s something Morgan is keeping well in mind.

“Staying inside as much as I can,” Morgan says. “I’m working faster so I can hurry up and get back inside where it’s warm.”

Morgan say those layers could mean all the difference between staying warm and freezing in these windy conditions.

“If the wind chill is that bad, you can tell,” says Greg Narva, who worked through the day in the wind. “You can feel it right on your face and that’s where you are going to get most of the wind burns.”

Narva and his co-workers have to work next to the lake shore.

“I’m wearing four layers right now, you know,” Narva said Wednesday night. “You can always take one off if you have to. It causes all kinds of stuff with your equipment, your air compressor wants to freeze up, nail gun don’t want to work. If you stop working very long, you get cold so you got to keep moving.”

While the wind blows tonight, Narva hopes it won’t bite for long.

“Hopefully, it’s just going to pass in a few days and get warmer and be back to normal,” Narva says.