Midland Co. Sheriff: 9-Year-Old Approached By Men in Ski Masks, Offered Ride, Candy

The Midland County Sheriff’s Office is doing extra patrols after they say a 9-year-old was approached by two people in ski masks offering her a ride.

Deputies were called to the 200 block of West Fike Road in Edenville Township Saturday evening.

That’s where a 9-year-old girl says she was on her way home from a friend’s house when a van pulled into a driveway.

A man and another person wearing ski masks asked her if she wanted a ride and offered her candy.

The child ran back to her friend’s house and told her parents.

The van has not been found.

It’s described as an older, black GMC or Ford panel van with an “I heart candy” bumper sticker.

If you have any information, call the Midland County Sheriff’s Office at (989) 839-4622.

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