Evart Fire Department Investigating Following Oil Rig Fire

The Evart Fire Department is investigating after they say an oil rig caught fire.

Cell phone video shows what crews were up against Wednesday afternoon.

It all started around two in the afternoon at an oil rig off of 80th Avenue near Evart.

Details are very limited now but the Evart fire chief says there was one person injured.

Evart fire chief Shane Helmer says that person was taken to the hospital to get checked out.

The chief says their condition unknown, but those working at the rig say that person is expected to be OK.

Crews don’t know how the fire started, but they were able to put it out within 20 minutes.

The chief says luckily there wasn’t much damage.

A woman living nearby says she was shocked to see it happen.

“I just look at the rig because I have the rig right next to me and see smoke and black smoke and fire coming up it was crazy. It was just really crazy, I didn’t expect anything like that to happen to me,” says Tiffiny Derevage.

The Evart Fire Department is still working to find a cause of the fire.