Consumers Energy Offers Tips to Keep Bills Down, Save Energy

As the weather gets colder, people are cranking up the heat.

Consumers Energy says Michigan is unique in that utilities like Consumers Energy buy their natural gas in the summer when demand is lower and prices are cheaper Then they keep it in underground natural gas storage fields.

Consumers is then able to draw that gas from their system and supply it to customers during the winter months.

Consumers tells us their customers pay roughly $2 and 20 cents a day, 22 percent lower than the natural average.

However, just because rates are staying the same, using heat more often can up your bill.

They have some tips.

Just setting down your thermostat when you’re not home no reason. To make an empty house 68 degrees when you can put it down to 62 during the time you’re not around. Those are low cost things that you’ll end up saving money on your bill as you move through the winter,” says Roger Morgenstern of Consumers Energy.

If you are someone who needs financial assistance for heating you can call 211 to speak to a representative.

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