Antrim County Sheriff Urges People to Stay Off Roads Due to Whiteout Conditions

Chilly conditions are prompting some warnings for drivers.

Some counties are actually advising people to stay off the roads unless it’s an emergency.

Antrim County Sheriff Dan Bean put out a message Wednesday, urging people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary because of the snow causing whiteout conditions.

Drivers are taking it nice and slow.

Even though the snow has let up, it’s the dropping temperatures that the sheriff says are a concern.

He said around noon Wednesday the roads were so bad the east side of the county had whiteout conditions, which caused several cars to end up in ditches.

The concern there is with how cold it is.

It can be extremely dangerous to be in your car while waiting for help.

While many took the sheriff’s advice, some still had to make some trips out.

“It’s been slippery, almost got stuck in my driveway,” said driver Barbara Miller. “On the way to the store to get bottled water and my windshield wiper came off, so I’m out at the auto part store getting prepared for the slippery conditions tomorrow.”

The winter advisory in Antrim has been cancelled, but roads will still be slippery and temperatures will keep dropping.

Sheriff Bean does want people to, of course, be extra careful out on the roads.

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