Tips for Shoveling Safely this Winter

With even more snow in the forecast, its likely many in Northern Michigan will be forced to spend more time shoveling.

You may not think much about it, but it can be dangerous.

People do get hurt clearing their driveways or their cars.

Michael Carmody a physical therapist at McLaren Northern Michigan says people with existing shoulder or back problems can easily re-injure themselves.

He says it’s best they take a long rest at the first sign of pain.

“Generally when folks injure their back, like any injury, the body needs to heal itself. You might just need to accept the fact that it might take you a few weeks to allow the tissue to settle down because it’s going to need to repair itself,” Carmody, explained.

Some things you can do to limit your risk of injury are making sure to not fully fill the shovel with snow, keep it close to your body and of course lift with your legs.

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