Mecosta County Home Destroyed in Fire

A woman and her dog are safe, but their home is gone, destroyed, firefighters tell us from the inside out.

According to the Mecosta-Austin Township Fire Chief, four departments were called to a home on 8 Mile Road in Stanwood Tuesday night.

When they got there, fire was bursting through the windows.

No one was hurt, but a pet rabbit did not make it out.

The fire chief says the frigid temperatures made it slow going on the scene for crews.

“Ice, obviously ice. Regulators on our air packs get froze on every brand. People’s gear, their gear gets frozen and then they can’t function so we have to go to the rehab trailer and get warmed up, get our gear thawed out and go back in,” says chief Ron Palmer.

The chief says they know the general area where the fire started, but the actual cause is still under investigation.

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