Many Interested In Opening Medical Marijuana Facilities In Mount Pleasant

Inquiries are pouring in with people interested in opening medical marijuana facilities in Mount Pleasant.

The city has been looking at medical marijuana facilities since last spring and are about to begin writing their ordinances to opt into the state act.

City Planner, Jacob Kain says over the last year they have had people from around the state and country calling about opening medical marijuana facilities in Mount Pleasant.

He says a lot of the inquiries are people checking where progress is with the ordinance and general questions about what buffer requirements might be.

Kain says most of the interest has been for provision centers or growing facilities.

“I am not surprised that we have had a lot of interest because Mount Pleasant has a relatively large retail presence in the region for retail in northern Michigan, so we expect, just like with restaurants and retail, that this is another industry that might find it an appealing place to do business,” says Kain.

The next meeting regarding the ordinance will be later this month.

They will decide on a date Wednesday.

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