Kalkaska Village Council Votes to Authorize Special Audit to Review Finances

“You keep saying I didn’t have the authority, but I disagree. The state law says I have the authority to do that.”

A discussion turned heated in Kalkaska.

Its embattled village treasurer is now pointing fingers at the village council and alleged misuse of money.

Treasurer Jennifer Standerfer was suspended back in December following her cancellation of two public safety credit cards.

She says she never received receipts for a number of purchases, despite several requests.

Village president Jeff Sieting says shutting down the cards without discussion was an act of insubordination.

At Tuesday’s special meeting, Standerfer also made claims of misappropriation of funds by Sieting and manager Scott Yost.

The council then voted to authorize a special audit to look through the village’s finances.

“Quite honestly, none of these concerns are going to come up if you do an audit. They didn’t come up previously other than in the auditor’s letter, and they will not show on a new audit,” said Standerfer.

“Having never heard anything of any of this prior to this meeting, I find it a little bit disturbing. So it makes me question the legitimacy of that,” said Sieting.

Council also decided in a closed session to authorize mediation of lawsuits over funding of healthcare.

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