Gladwin County Animal Control Warns Community To Keep Pets Safe From Cold Weather

When it’s this cold, make sure dogs and other pets are not outside for too long.

Gladwin County Animal Control gets three or four calls a day about animals being outside.

It’s something they take seriously.

“By the law, they have to have a dog house which is a structure with a floor, three sides and roof. They also have to have some style of bedding whether it be cedar chips or straw,” says James Maveal.

Supervisor James Maveal of the Gladwin County Animal Control says they check up on complaints each day during the winter months. Tuesday, we rode along with them.

“It’s just like leaving your kid outside, in this type of whether they will freeze and die and without bedding, their paws, pads and hooves freeze to the floor or ground or even just get frost bite. They need to have proper heat and be taken care of just like anyone else does,” says Maveal.

Maveal says that take each case seriously.

“We always give them the opportunity to fix the problem first. We give them a day or two to get a dog house or get bedding or whatever they have to do, but we can take their animals and owners can get charges filed against them and possibly not the have them again,” says Maveal.

Dog owner Paul Beyer of Gladwin says he takes extra precautions for his dogs in this weather.

“It’s really important when it is cold like this. Were indoors with them, the little one has a little snow suit that looks like this and so when we go outside in in this kind of weather, we put that on him.  We love them, they are family too,” says Beyer.

If you see a pet that may not be equipped for the weather call your local animal control.

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