Emmet Co. Road Commission Hopes to Keep More Trucks on the Road With New Facility

Emmet County roads will be getting some more attention, the road commission is putting the finishing touches on their new $2 million facility in Levering.

“Our services are going to be a lot better than what we used to have,” Emmet County Road Commission Manager Brian Gutowski, said.

In the winter months, road commission trucks take a beating.

Gutowski says their new levering facility will help keep their trucks on the road.

“Almost every piece of equipment will break down at some point, in the past we would have had to bring that truck down to the main garage down in Conway,” Gutowski, added.

About one-third of the drivers operate out of the north part of the county.

Prior to having this facility they would have to drive more than a half hour each way to get their truck repaired.

In a Northern Michigan winter a lot can happen in a couple hours.

“We had a snow just last week where we were getting an inch maybe two inches per hour, for every hour that equipment is not out there it could be a pretty dangerous situation. If we can get them out on the road, out there plowing it will make everyone’s traveling a lot safer,” Gutowski, explained.

The workers agree, the new facility’s lighting, heating and hoist systems allow them to work quickly and get a better look at what they are fixing.

“With the hoist being able to change blades, being able to inspect the truck just on a simple blade change. It definitely saves time, changing hoses and anything like that is way quicker,” Emmet County Road Commission Mechanic Bruce Byard, said.

A better way to make sure the roads are better for travelers.

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