Cadillac Home Nearly Hit By Car During Accident; Owner Says Saved By Bush

Tuesday morning, Cadillac City Police say slick conditions and a bad driving decision ended with a close call that nearly sent a car into the side of a home.

“It’s pretty scary. You don’t really think of having to watch out for drivers in your home.”

Amanda Phillips and her two dogs were enjoying a quiet morning at home, as quiet as it can be next to a busy intersection.

“We were just going to relax, watch TV. I fell asleep,” Phillips says. “Next thing I know, I hear the sound of a car.”

Just through the wall, a truck carrying firewood had pulled out in front of a silver car.

Both lost control.

The car headed right toward her home.

“It was not quiet,” Phillips says. “I’m seven months pregnant and I’m trying to run out the door to see what’s going on. That was kind of scary for me because it has been a ten year struggle to get pregnant.”

Amazingly, everyone walked away, unscathed.

Amanda wasn’t surprised — it was not a first.

“We had another car caught on the bush that had come off of the road in an accident and almost hit, coming through the front wall that is right behind me, literally behind the couch I was sleeping on,” Phillips says.

Amanda says the real hero that has stopped a car not once, but twice, was that bush.

“It saved my life,” Phillips says. “This wall, if you are sleeping here on this couch and a car comes through, I’m really glad our landlords didn’t just get rid of it.”

“it looks like the bush [stopped the car],” says Josh Winkelmann, who was in the area when the accident happened. “That’s amazing.”

It’s a memory that sparked also in Winkelmann when he drove by the scene.

He lived there a decade ago.

“Ten years ago, sitting in the living room, I used to tell my wife all the time that someday, a car is going to come through here,” Winkelmann says.

Amanda hopes signs or a guard rail could be put up.

In the meantime, she has her botanical protector to thank.

“My aunts and stuff immediately are like oh, you’ve got a guardian angel looking after you,” Phillips says. “Really, I just have an awesome bush out there.”