Wexford Co. Ski Hill, Skiers Welcome New Year With Open Arms

The sound of skis and snowboards shredding through the snow on New Year’s Day is a uniquely up-north interpretation of the holiday.

Ski hills across the area filled up with anxious skiers all weekend, hitting a peak of their own on Monday.

“We’re coming off just a fantastic month of skiing and snowboarding,” says Pete Meyer, manager of Caberfae Peaks Ski & Golf Resort.

Ringing in the New Year usually involves a warm room full of friends or family.

Not so for some in Northern Michigan.

They brought their families to the slopes.

“We wanted to take the kids out,” says Laura Tharsen. “They’ve never been skiing before, so this is the first time.”

Laura, her daughter, Anissa, and their family made the trek from Chicago for the holiday, joining the first lines of 2018.

“It’s really fun. I’m getting better,” Anissa says.

“It’s not as cold as we thought it would be, so we are staying warm and the snow is great,” Laura says. “We don’t have much snow in Chicago so this has been a real treat.”

“We’ve had incredible weather,” Meyer says. “We’ve had an incredible amount of snow. We measured almost 60 inches in December, alone, so it’s just great.”

Not every New Year’s has looked as good as this.

Mother Nature complied and Meyer says everyone with a board or skis accepted with open-arms.

“We’re coming off of a couple of seasons that it was really lean, so it’s just a true blessing to have this great winter weather and have it be so consistent,” Meyer says.

From jumps to the occasional wipe-out, Meyer and Anissa both say it’s the perfect combo.

“The amount of natural snow just makes everything look so much nice and look pretty,” Meyer says. “It makes people think about skiing, people getting in the mood to come out and ski and snowboard so it’s really a nice combination.”

“Just the feeling of, like, gliding down, the wind going, and it’s almost like you’re flying,” Anissa says.