Northern Michigan Vets Urge Pet Owners to Keep Animals Inside

Northern Michigan veterinarians and animal control workers have a message for pet owners: bring your animals indoors.

They say it’s simply too cold for pets outside.

They recommend keeping them inside until temperatures become bearable again.

If you do need to take them out for a walk, it’s better to keep it short and equip them with the proper winter gear, just like people.

“We have a misnomer where we think that they’re dogs and they can stay outside in this. And it’s simply not true. They are intolerant of weather conditions such as we have right now, and they need to be brought in, and it’s up to us to care for our animals,” says Grand Traverse County animal control officer, Deb Zerafa.

If you see any animals outside you think may be stray or abandoned, contact your local animal control or shelter.

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