Gladwin County Deputies Investigate Shooting

Gladwin County deputies are still investigating after shots were fired and a man’s body was found.

The Gladwin County Sheriff says it happened off Hay Road near Highwood road in Hay Township in Gladwin County yesterday evening.

“We had three individuals show up to a house all at separate times, it’s unknown why they were there. This evening at some point a fight ensued out here in the middle of the roadway between two of the individuals, one went to vehicle, grabbed a loaded shot gun and shot the victim,” says Undersheriff Ray Hartwell, Gladwin County.

The sheriff says the shooter is a 21 year old man and he called 911.  He is in custody.

He also told us the victim was Blake Vansnepson from Gladwin County.

“We took a couple of vehicles in as evidence that were utilized as transportation back and forth. We have to validate any of the stories and then we have to retrieve the round that is in the victim, that type of material for evidence purposes,” says Sheriff Mike Shea.

The sheriff says the suspect will be arraigned next week.

“It’s just an unfortunate circumstance all over and these things tend to happen, doesn’t matter where you live. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victim’s family,” says Shea.

The case is still under investigation.