Northern Michigan Stores Busy With Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers

No matter what the snow brings to Northern Michigan, nothing is stopping thousands of people from finishing up their last-minute Christmas shopping.

“Busy, fast paced and fun. People are here, they are looking for gifts. They are looking for ideas. They are looking for stocking stuffers,” said Beth Payne, Cadillac Meijer store director.

‘Tis the season to shop until you drop and, for last-minute shoppers, keep shopping after that.

“It definitely ramps up, especially these last few days before Christmas. Tomorrow will be even busier and we’ll have lots of activity on Christmas Eve before we close,” said Payne.

Your first thought when it comes to last-minute Christmas shopping might be buying things like toys or the next big thing, but, obviously, you have to still come out here to grocery shop and that’s what many folks are doing. And they are looking for those deals to get through the holiday.

“We are seeing a lot of things go through the checkout, a lot of fresh items, hams, standing rib roasts, all the ingredients for baking are still coming through the lanes, fast and furious,” explained Payne.

“It’s pretty busy, but we expected that,” said Linda Barrett.

Linda and her husband, Mike, had a plan to begin with.

“Sort of got a shopping list and we’re picking things out. There’s other things that we see and then we grab,” explained Linda.

Mike added, “I think we are prepared so we can go snowmobiling.”

Linda isn’t the only one with a list.

She says it’s an essential tool to help keep yourself organized in the crowd and beat the Christmas clock.

“Probably everybody, someone has a list. At least they’ve got it in their mind what they need to pick up,” said Linda. “Plus, we know a snow storm is supposed to come in, so we are just trying to make sure that we get everything.”

Mike added, “Let the weather that’ll happen, happen.”

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