Hometown Tourist: NorthGoods

In Petoskey’s downtown gaslight district, there’s a shop where meaningful gifts can be found tied directly to northern Michigan.

There you’ll find NorthGoods. It’s a shop with delights from all over—and its greatest riches are of the artistic kind, with over 100 artists highlighting local talent.

Manager Janet Moore says the artistic works are handmade, vary in item, style and artistic expression, but most all are Michigan-themed.

“There are so many different artists that are creative, and we support a lot of local artists,” she says. “Not only just framed art, but artists of all different kinds that make pottery, metal works and they’re all handmade.”

NorthGoods is a transformed historic bank, where you’ll even find hints of the building’s past, including an old vault.

“The vault is kind of like an elevator-size inside, and very thick walls,” Moore says. “There’s a filing cabinet room next to it with a metal door because it’s all from 1907. It’s just part of the history of Petoskey, so it’s really great to have this old building that’s been here forever.”

From furniture and jewelry to Michigan themed items, chances are they have an artistic version of whatever someone is looking for.

“It’s very Michigan themed, so we try to make sure that everything is a good fit for our store,” Moore said. “If it doesn’t have a Michigan theme, it might fit, it just depends what people are asking for or looking for. We try to bring it in.”

NorthGoods is more than a gallery and gift shop—they’re invested in the community by supporting local craft.

They also take value in the Christmas spirit, even bringing children in to read “The Polar Express.”

NorthGoods knows just how important it is to have meaning behind a gift, and tries to provide that through their creative merchandise.

“They want to buy something that means something in the community,” Moore says. “Here they want to help artists. They love what they’re doing, and they feel good about helping them out because they’re doing such a great job.”


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