Police Believe There Are More Victims in Charlevoix Computer Spying Case

A Charlevoix County man from the United Kingdom is in jail and facing more than 40 charges for disturbing, computer-related crimes.

Police say Wayne Tambling got access to several victims’ computers and photographed them naked using the computer’s camera, without them knowing.

“They just noticed some strange things, some coincidences that led them to believe that someone might be spying on them,” Trooper Jeff Mercer, said.

State police say three victims came forward with that eerie feeling.

A four month investigation led police to Wayne Tambling.

They said they found multiple nude photos of the victims on his computer.

“The main focus of this were images or photographs being obtained from the victim’s computers,” Mercer, added.

Just how easy is it for someone to access your computer’s camera?

Expert Kyle Kopytko says it is pretty simple for any technician who has worked on it.

“It’s pretty easy to do, people that have other people set up their cameras usually give them full access and admin rights to the whole system,” Kopytko, said.

“It’s really important to trust the people that are working on your network,” Kopytko, added.

It’s so easy, police fear there might be other victims.

“If there is anyone else out there who maybe has dealt with this subject with computers that they could contact us, because it’s a possibility they could have been a victim,” Mercer, explained.

Tambling works in IT at Wojan Window and Door, the company says they are fully cooperating with police.

“The investigation he was under had nothing to do with his employment at Wojan Window and Door and none of our information, our client or employees information is at risk,” Wojan Lawyer Shawn Worden, said.

If convicted, Tambling could face up to 7 years in prison and further legal action regarding his immigration status.

He is being held on a $500,000 bond.