Giving the Gift of Blood: Red Cross Hosts Blood Drive, Bone Marrow Drive in Wexford Co.

People are giving back in a unique way by giving the gift of blood this holiday season.

Along with a blood drive, the Red Cross also hosted a bone marrow drive at the Wexford County Civic Center, which involved a simple cheek swab to see if they could be placed on the bone marrow registry.

Everyone who donated was given a raffle ticket for a small prize and could also buy more tickets.

The money raised will be used to create ‘promise packs’ — sleeping bags with toiletries that roll up into a backpack.

The packs will then be given to people in need.

“It’s Christmas time and it’s the season of giving and caring, and it’s not all about presents — it’s about life and being able to support fellow human beings when they might not have help otherwise,” said Amanda Siggins, Red Cross coordinator.

To find out how you can make donations for promise packs, click here.