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What’s Trending Wednesday: Local Pets Enjoying The Snow

It’s What’s Trending Wednesday on Michigan This Morning.

This week we went to Facebook asking you to show us your animals enjoying this winter weather.

First up we have Margot.

Margot’s owner captioned this picture Snow Bunny.

It looks like Margo loves a good photo opportunity!

Next up we have Gretel. We’re told Gretel loves to snack on snow.

You can clearly see that’s true, just look at the snow beard growing.

Dobby looks very unimpressed with the snow.

But, he sure knows how to dress for Northern Michigan weather.

Dobby is also part of the 9&10 News family, his owner is our Director of Digital Operations.

And then we have Bella, who is enjoying her very first winter.

She is very entertained by the snow!

We had so much fun looking at your pets enjoying the snow for this week’s What’s Trending Wednesday.

Tune in to MTM Wednesday’s at 5:20 a.m and 8:50 a.m. for more trending topics!

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