Manistee County Sheriff Department Investigates Hoax Phone Call

A frightening phone call to the Manistee County sheriff’s office had those checking homes for a possible homicide.

But it all turned out to be hoax.

Manistee County central dispatch took the call last night.

Police say they take every call, extremely serious, especially ones like this.

“I just shot my daughter, I want her to die a slow death my address is Schwandt Road, come get me, i’m going to shoot you too,” says a caller to the Manistee County central dispatch.

“He gave us an address and there was a bit of confusion initially to what it was the phone broke up a little bit, as far as a road name, but there was only a few possible addresses in our county. Basically the initial address that we got, we were able to make contact with someone at that house,” says Lt. Brian Gutowski, of the Manistee County Sheriff’s Department.

They found nothing.

Then, investigators discovered the phone number was from Florida, called police in Manistee County. But still, nothing.

“Once we found out the phone number, we contacted them and they were able to use that phone number to backtrack to the provider and then they were actually able to get an address eventually and that came back to a website that’s based in Russia. The same number, the same person had actually made another fabricated 911 call down in Florida,” says Gutowski.

Wednesday neighbors near the targeted home in Wellston are concerned.

“It’s just frustrating that people’s addresses can be compromised like that and especially if it was coming from someone that is out of state and it’s also people locally that are getting affected,” says Josh Hadel, lives near targeted home in Wellston.

Deputies want to remind the public, hoax phone calls like these are a crime they take very seriously.