Leelanau Co. Commissioners Vote to Join Lawsuit Against Makers of Opioids

“We have a national epidemic. Many young people are dying because of the opiates.”

Another local community is looking for help to fight the growing opioid crisis.

Leelanau County commissioners unanimously voted to join a class action lawsuit against the makers of popular opioids.

This comes a month after the Grand Traverse County board did the same.

The lawsuit’s purpose: demand the industry reimburse local governments for the costs of responding to the opioid crisis.

Last year, more than 200,000 deaths were blamed on the drugs.

In light of the recent deaths of four people in their county, commissioners tell us it’s important to stand against the epidemic.

“You need to be transparent. The information that I have is saying that it was not transparent about how addictive opiates were and so that’s one of the messages we really want pharmaceuticals to understand is that they have to let us know if something is addictive and they can’t put it out as a painkiller,” says chair for Leelanau County Board of Commissioners, William Bunek.

Overall, 11 Michigan cities and counties joined the federal lawsuit.