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Cherry Capital Airport Announces Non-Stop Service To LaGuardia

Cherry Capital Airport is spreading its wings.

Tuesday the airport announced it will have more flights flying to and from New York City next year.

After a four year hiatus, American Airlines just announced they will be bringing back their non-stop service between New York’s LaGuardia Airport and Cherry Capital Airport.

In addition to the other flights American Airlines already has there, they are now bringing back flights to New York.

The flights will start on June 23 and run through Sept. 2.

Airport director Kevin Klein tells us that American Airlines went through some changes and bankruptcies over the last four years.

But now they are coming back just in time for the busy summer months.

He also tells us that our region attracts many people from the east coast, which is not only good for the airport but for other tourism based businesses.

“We’re very excited about that for the summer. Also, Dallas is returning so summer’s shaping up again to have eight cities to be served, and it just really puts forth American Airlines’ commitment to Cherry Capital Airport in our region,” said Kline.

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