Governor Snyder Reflects on Term Going into Final Year in Office

Governor Rick Snyder is entering his final year in office and making plans on how he’d like to use it.

He set out to transform an economically struggling Michigan into a comeback state.

A mission he says he’s accomplished, and continues to work toward.

There was some discussion about an endorsement, but he wasn’t ready to come out with that just yet.

But did give his lieutenant governor a positive review.

I asked him about his legacy, and how he believes his time in Lansing will be remembered by Michigan.

The governor told 9&10 News he isn’t concerned, that’s not why he set out to do it, and that’s not his goal now.

But as that legacy takes shape, we asked Snyder a question that’s followed him for several years now.

“There are still people calling for your resignation over the crisis in Flint and the ongoing problems there. What would you say to those people,” 9&10’s Charlie Tinker asked.

“It was a failure in multiple levels of government. What happened is terrible. I don’t worry about blame, I don’t worry about credit, what’s the solution,” Snyder said.

He mentioned the economic and other progress the city has made in the time since, where residents are still advised to filter their water before drinking it.