Baldwin Community Learns More About New Pleasant Plains Township Fire Department

“There’s not a soul out there that wants this fire department to fail,” says Kevin Braddy, deputy chief of the newly-formed Pleasant Plains Township Fire Department.

After months of frustration, a new fire department’s crew says it is ready to save lives.

It’s a story we’ve been following for months out of Baldwin.

Two weeks ago, the Baldwin Fire Department learned that the village council would not be paying them their yearly salary.

The council says the department broke their contract.

The department says they are finishing it before forming a new department.

Meanwhile, the state is looking into their pay issue.

The public heard plans for the Pleasant Plains Township Department on Monday night at the regular township meeting in the Baldwin Business Center.

“January 1, at 12:01 a.m., we will be covered by Pleasant Plains Township Fire Department,” Braddy says.

The former deputy chief of the Baldwin department says it’s an opportunity.

“We’re building this fire department from the ground up, as in we started with nothing but a dream of we are going to protect the people of our township and not rely on somebody else to do that with our money anymore,” Braddy says.

The new department will have four trucks.

The Luther Fire Department also donated 20 sets of turnout gear.

“Neighbor helping neighbor and that’s what it has been with all of these chiefs,” Braddy says. “The response time is probably going to be identical to what the response time has been before.”

The future site of the Pleasant Plains Township Fire Department is just off of M-37 near H&H Excavation.

While they don’t have walls yet, they hope to serve the entire area to come from there.

Pleasant Plains Township supervisor Tammy Ghent says the budget looks healthy and progress is good.

“They are safe,” Ghent says. “We have a great fire department put together. We have all of the equipment we need and they have nothing to worry about.”

Still, some like Denise Smith, who has lived in the area for more than 40 years, are concerned about transparency.

“I did not feel that the township had enough time to safely make a transfer from one fire department to another,” Smith says. “They need to communicate clearly to everyone.”

Braddy says their building should be ready by mid-January, working out of a donated insulated pole barn in the meantime.

“The outpouring of support from all of the chiefs and the surrounding area has just been overwhelming for us,” Braddy says.