Hometown Tourist: The Haberdashery

It can be a struggle to find just the right thing to buy a gift for a brother, father or any other guy in your life.

The Haberdashery in The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is an outfitter filled with unique gifts for men.

We take you there in Hometown Tourist.

The Haberdashery is historically a place that served as an outfitter for men.

Now, Chase Gibbard is taking it back old school to make The Haberdashery a place that supplies unique goods.

“You know The Haberdashery, the name of haberdashery is a one stop shop for men so they were barbers, tailors, seamstress, and I kind of brought that feel back to it. You can come in and in the long run I’d like to be a barber and do straight blades here, so that will be something unique,” said Gibbard.

You’ll find a number of lifestyle items like hand crafted copper art, hand stitched leather goods, multi tools, grooming products, socks and ties.

“It’s texture, the smell, you know the feel, the way it looks. I have an assortment of grooming supplies ranging from oils, waxes and stuff and they’re all locally produced. I have one company that makes all of their products out of IPA and porter, so they’re naturally based hops. I also have another product made out of gin and infused hops,” explained Gibbard.

And with a visit you’ll probably find Chase and his father working together ready to help you.

It’s a men’s shop but not just for men. It’s truly a place for anyone to find the perfect gift.

“We want people to come in and enjoy their time here. While they’re shopping they’ll be able to find stuff they won’t be able to find at a normal convenience store. It’s humbling when they say, hey you have great stuff. I enjoy your product, I love bringing my son here, my father here, my husband here, it makes me feel good that the community is with me with bringing up the men’s shop,” said Gibbard.

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