Traverse City Theatre Welcomes Crowds To See Star Wars Episode VIII Premiere

The Force is with us once again.

Thursday night, thousands across the country raced to not be “The Last Jedi” to see Star Wars Episode VIII.

That includes here at home.

Where the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi promises long lines and lightsabers.

Bijou by the Bay in Traverse City has had a sold out premiere show on its hands for at least a month.

From Wookie doors to themed concessions, including the “I Love You, I Know Combo,” staff say they’ve taken that entire time to prepare.

“When The Force Awakens came out, it was just so exciting because there hadn’t been a new Star Wars movie in so long and everyone was so excited to have the old cast back,” says Meg Weichman, creative director for the Traverse City State Theatre and Bijou by the Bay. “This film, people are really excited for Mark Hamill. He only appeared in the end of The Force Awakens so we are hoping there is more of him this time around.”

The Bijou plans to have lines out the door throughout the rest of next week.