TheraCann Backs Out Of Medical Marijuana Facility Plans In Kingsley

“If you’re standing at a closed door, you move onto the next door and open it,” said Dan Hawkins, manager for the Village of Kingsley.

After months of meetings and plans, TheraCann will not be opening a medical marijuana production facility in Kingsley.

The proposed medical marijuana facility has been a hot topic in Kingsley, the village even voting on an ordinance to allow it to come to town.

Just last month, the village council approved four of the five categories of medical marijuana business to operate.

But while they went through the long process, TheraCann says they found other opportunities.

“It was stunning to find out; there’s been a lot of due diligence, hard work on the part of council members, different committees throughout the last year,” said Hawkins. “When you hear that a company such as TheraCann that intimated a lot of good opportunities such as a $20 million investment, 100 jobs initially then another hundred down the road, yeah it hurts.”

But he says so much work has been done by community leaders to build an industrial park, attractive to other companies, he isn’t worried.

“Whenever an industry builds and makes a major commitment, such as TheraCann had indicated or intimated that they were going to do, suddenly other industrial interest become interested,” said Hawkins. “It’s just part of the game.”

TheraCann is now looking at other locations throughout the state.

TheraCann’s president says they also invested a lot time, energy and money into this along with meetings with the zoning department and educational sessions with locals.

“What we really wanted, was to be accepted by the community,” said Richard Goodman, president of TheraCann. “We understood that it was a slow and arduous process but unfortunately as that continued to drag along it kind of developed a little bit further; how do I say ,other opportunities came up that were a little more appealing to us from a business stance.”

“We’re going to move forward and hope that other folks in the industrial world that are looking for a place to live will choose Kingsley,” said Hawkins.