East Bay Township Residents Protect Nature Preserve, Holiday Woodlands Preserve

Eleven people are coming together to purchase and preserve 80 acres of land, creating a public nature preserve.

The property is in East Bay Township, between Holiday and Prouty roads just east of Five Mile Road.

Originally it was going to be developed into private homes.

Now, it will be open to the entire community

“It’s been a great grassroots effort and the entire community around here has been great,” said Jim Lamond, chairman for Holiday Woodlands Preserve.

What was farmland, and then multiple potential developments, will now officially become a public nature preserve.

“About 11 of us in the neighborhood got together and formed this group and we’re registered with the state of Michigan as the Holiday Woodlands Preserve,” said Lamond. “Originally chemical bank wanted $325,000 for the property, through negotiations we got it down to $165,000.”

The group has raised enough money for a down payment, getting donations anywhere from $20 to $5,000.

“As this area continues to build and there are people building houses on and trying to take up the acreage and so forth for their homes, we thought it was imperative to keep this as natural as possible for the community to come in and use it at their discretion,” said Lamond.

Those living nearby are thankful for the efforts of their neighbors, so they can continue enjoying the property for years to come.

“I think it’s a great thing, the community uses that property a lot to take their kids and their pets back so it’s really generous for them to have been able to accomplish this,” said Pete Fleming. “It’s just kind of an all-around family enjoyment.”

“Our intention is leave it as natural as possible but open it up to the community for walking their dogs, cross country skiing or snow shoeing, or even biking, something like that,” said Lamond.

If you would like to help out, click here.