TCAPS Investigation Continues Against Superintendent, Executive Team

The investigation continues into allegations made against the TCAPS superintendent Paul Soma and his executive team.

The investigation started earlier this school year, after claims of harassment and intimidation towards their administrators.

9&10 News obtained a copy of a letter sent by attorneys representing the Traverse City Administrators Association.

Outside counsel was hired to do an investigation between the TCAA and the executive team.

“The Traverse City Administrative Association needs to know that its voice is going to be heard on a go forward basis,” said Kenneth Petterson, an attorney at Smith * Johnson.

The letter outlines two issues attorneys representing the TCAA, made up of 29 administrators from all 17 TCAPS schools, have at this stage in the investigation.

First being the investigation costing taxpayers more than $27,000 and only addressing two of nearly 14 situations.

“In addition, is the retaliatory practices that have been taking place from the school executive team toward these administrators which specifically was going to be prohibited by the school board,” said Petterson.

“We stated from the beginning that that is a ground rule for this process and we will hold all sides accountable to it,” said Erik Falconer, president of the TCAPS Board of Education. “That’s something that we’re watching and that’s something that we will continue to investigate and we’ve asked their attorney for further information on that.”

The TCAPS Board president says their priority is doing the investigation the right way by hiring outside counsel and being thorough.

“What we believe ought to happen, is there ought to be an outline of what the process is going to be to fully address furthering this investigation,” said Petterson.

“Until we get that report, its really premature for us to comment going forward,” said Falconer. “We would then be talking about what ifs and maybes and that’s out of turn as far as the investigation.”

The report is expected to be completed in the next few weeks, followed by a special meeting.