Isabella County Deputies Busy with Dozens of Weekend Crashes

Snow and ice were factors this weekend in Isabella County as deputies responded to dozens of crashes.

There were more than 60 of them ranging from slide-offs to pile ups.

Heavy snow along with slick and slippery roads made for a long weekend for drivers and first responders in Isabella County.

“This morning it’s been a little slower, we’ve got the schools closed, that helps a little bit, but the roads are still treacherous. The biggest key is just speed, you have to slow down a little bit so you can anticipate things. You can’t drive like you normally do when the roads are that poor,” said Sheriff Michael Main.

The Isabella County Sheriff says he even stopped at an accident this morning on his way into work.

“Following too close gets the chain reaction and even like right now, the roads might look like they are fine, it’s not. It’s what you call the black ice. You can’t see it, it blends right in and it might be good, and some spots might not be good,” said Main.

Drivers we spoke with say the past 48 hours have not made for easy driving conditions around the county.

“The main roads were all pretty well cleared off, but as far as the back roads it was pretty much like what we are seeing right now, it’s a lot of slushy, icy stuff, and crashes and stuff like that. Just watch the roads and keep her safe,” said Jeremy Theisen.

The sheriff says his deputies and first responders will likely stay busy until these conditions let up.