Grand Traverse County’s Green Lake Twp. Considering Medical Marijuana Facility Options

“This has been on Green Lake’s radar, the same as any other municipality.”

Trustees in Green Lake Township are taking a measured approach to new medical marijuana regulations.

With the state accepting applications for medical marijuana facility licenses starting Friday, some Green Lake Township residents had expected a decision from the board of trustees on local ordinances.

But the township is in a unique situation, able to take their time in reaching a decision on what types of facilities to allow, if any.

Trustees say since there are no operating facilities in the township now, none would be shut down if they decide not to allow medical marijuana businesses.

Part of the reason the board has chosen a cautious approach is the complexity of the decisions.

“It’s going to take quite a while to wade through the state’s system to even be eligible to come to us. We would have to pass a police power ordinance and amend our zoning ordinance if we do allow one of the five facilities, and we would need a couple months to do that. So nothing’s going to happen on December 15,” says Green Lake Township trustee David Bieganowski.

The board will schedule a joint meeting with the planning commission to discuss what steps to take next.