Rehabilitation Apartment Opens in Kingsley for Brain, Spinal Cord Patients

A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the opening of a new rehabilitation center in the Kingsley area.

The Lighthouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center opened the doors of its new transitional living apartment complex Friday.

It offers 12 apartments designed for brain and spinal cord injury survivors.

So, they’re outfitted with devices to help with everyday things as they recover.

The director says the goal is always getting people healthy, and getting them home.

“So important because after a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury a lot of them even if they could go home their homes not accessible. It gives him a place to live in a place to recover lots of support again to relearn all those skills that they lost after their injury,” says marketing director Mark Wilson.

The new facility is also attached to two therapy centers with individualized programs for every client.