Northwestern Michigan College Third Most Military-Friendly Campus In Country

“It’s the kind of place that a veteran can just go to school.”

Northwestern Michigan College is getting nationwide recognition.

It’s all in how it opens its doors to those who have fought for our country.

NMC was named the third most veteran-friendly community college in the entire country.

It was also the only Michigan college to be recognized by Military Times magazine.

“Five years ago, NMC wanted to and made a commitment to be more military friendly,” says Scott Herzberg, NMC Military Student Services.

Herzberg says it’s an achievement that’s taken half a decade to acquire.

“It means a lot to the college just because it captures the commitment to all of our students but, at the end of the day, we recognize that the freedoms that we have, the freedom to go into that classroom and be safe has a lot to do with the sacrifices our service members have made,” Herzberg says.

Military Times magazine evaluated more than 600 colleges, nationwide, for all of the services vets have access to, from its Veteran’s Lounge to having active duty servicemen and women on campus.

“Part of my job is when veterans are coming in and even their family members, because their family members, we forget, they sacrifice a lot for our country, as well,” Herzberg says. “My job is to help them transition, walk them through the entire enrollment process.”

Counting their families, Herzberg says nine percent of NMC’s student body are veterans.

Mike Griffith, treasurer of NMC’s chapter of Student Veterans of America, is one of them.

“Going to college, in general, you’re always hesitant about speaking up, being a veteran, telling people that you are veteran, wearing apparel that identifies you as such,” Griffith says. “I’ve never had anyone so much as look at me twice for being a veteran.”

The goal: opening the doorway further to making sure all veterans feel welcome.

“Unbelievable. Unbelievable, it really is,” Griffith says. “Getting us out there, getting veterans in front of the community, partnering with other local non-profits, other veteran non-profits and showing people that we are here for a reason and we want to work.”