Traverse City Woman Raises Money For Local Nonprofits Through Socks Of Love

A Northern Michigan woman is using a unique skill to raise money for local nonprofits this holiday season.

She’s creating snowmen out of socks!

Crystal Gober of Traverse City created Socks of Love four years ago.

She makes hundreds of adorable little snowmen, stitched together from socks.

In order to get one, all you have to do is make a donation.

Over the last few years, she’s raised more than $13,000.

Gober puts 100 percent of the profits into buying essential items for several nonprofits in the area.

“It’s just something different rather than just writing a check to these different nonprofits,” said creator Crystal Gober. ‘It’s a win, win situation. So a lot of people get these as gifts and so with that donation you’re getting a gift for somebody you know but that money is also going towards somebody that you don’t know, a complete stranger. It’s helping them with something simple that we already have and don’t think anything of.”

If you’re interested in buying a snowman, click here.

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