What’s Trending Wednesday: Enjoying The Winter Season

It’s What’s Trending Wednesday on Michigan this Morning..

Now that the winter weather is settling into Northern Michigan, for this week’s segment we have three ways to enjoy the winter season.

Make Snow Cream

Making ice cream made from snow is a great way to enjoy winter.

Gather a large bowl full of fresh, clean snow and mix in condensed milk and vanilla.

Then, add in candy, sprinkles or other ice cream toppings and enjoy your winter creation!

For more detailed directions, click here.

Host a Winter Bonfire

You can roast hot dogs and marshmallows, while sipping some hot chocolate around the fire.

If you serve any food, be sure it can be handled while wearing gloves.

And make sure to have cozy seating and lots of blankets to keep your guests comfortable.

The best part of having a winter bonfire – no bugs!

To learn more tips for hosting your bonfire, click here.

Learn To Knit

This indoor hobby serves a few purposes.

It will help you feel busy while sitting inside during the winter months and you can knit winter apparel like hats, mittens and scarfs.

For a simple knitting tutorial, click here.

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