Project SEARCH to Help Adult Students With Special Needs in Upper Peninsula

A new program is coming to a local school district next year, and it’s specifically to help adult students with special needs.

Project SEARCH is teaming up with War Memorial Hospital, Michigan Rehabilitation Services and the Eastern U.P. ISD to train those with disabilities so they can get a job.

In a meeting Wednesday, department heads from several hospital departments talked about what they have to offer.

This program is not just about getting hired at the hospital.

“They do have a small percentage that may be hired, statistically in the project search program but it is not the center of it.  It is to gain those skills so they are employed within their communities,” Patricia Jones, Eastern Upper Peninsula said.

This program is the first of its kind north of Midland, but Project SEARCH has programs around the world as far away as the Netherlands.

For more information on Project SEARCH, click here.

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