Otsego Co. Tow Truck, Snow Plow Drivers Working Overtime As Snow Falls

The snow is creating a dangerous situation for drivers once again.

In counties like Charlevoix and Otsego counties, snow plows and tow trucks working to stay ahead of the mess.

It is keeping such drivers like those in Gaylord busy.

“[We’ve seen] lot of it is slide-offs and that there, people sliding off into the ditch,” says Vern Dickenson, tow truck dispatcher. “We get an array of everything.”

Snow once again sweeping across the roads of Northern Michigan.

It’s a sight Dickenson knows that the drivers at Ron’s Auto & Wrecker suit up for every year.

“We’ve got two flatbeds out and a tandem and another flatbed if we need it,” Dickenson says. “We have drivers on call and that there if we need to pull them in. We try to service our customers as fast as possible.”

The white piles are everywhere, including parking lots.

That’s where plows come in.

“This is a decent amount of snow that we’re getting,” says Tom Cook, working his own snow plow service. “The wind is going to play a little bit of havoc on it. It’s enough to keep us busy.”

Cook and his two sons say the snow they are scraping away and traffic don’t mix well.

“Traffic is always a concern.” Cook says. “We’ve got to be super careful when we are in the lots. People come in behind us, especially the commercial lots. You’ve got to watch out for them.”

It’s a favor that drivers are asked to return, especially on the freeway.

“That’s where we have some of our problems is out there,” Dickenson says. “One of our biggest concerns that there is with the drivers and that there. They should slow down, really. That’s the biggest thing, and the speed, I think, causes most of the problems.”

As Cook and the drivers at Ron’s say, make sure you move over if you see a snow plow or tow truck driver on the side of the road.