Northern Michigan in Focus: Scrolls Unlimited

While the snow may get you in the Christmas spirit, so can the work being done to make Christmas scrolls.

It’s a holiday idea that’s unrolled over 25 years.

Corey Adkins shows us in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“Centuries old, yes, yes. We send messages the old fashion way, that’s for sure,” said Laura Derk, Scrolls Unlimited.

Scrolls and More in Cheboygan do just that: make scrolls. But it’s the more we’re going to concentrate on in this story.

“It started 25 years ago when my children were little,” said Laura.

Joe Derk added, “We were looking at getting the Christmas ornaments that weren’t so commercialized, something that had more of the true meaning of Christmas.”

“So what I did is I started to create ornaments because I started looking for ornaments and I couldn’t find any that pertained to the true meaning of Christmas,” explained Laura.

From there, The Scroll was born. Laura sent the first one she ever did to Bronner’s in Frankenmuth. She thought maybe they’d like it.

“I sent Bronner’s my very first ornament, and they sent me back a letter saying ‘no, this is not good enough,’ and I called him and I asked them why, because I knew there wasn’t anything out there like that, and they said because it looked too handmade and too crafty-looking,” explained Laura.

She didn’t quit.

“So I took another year, and I developed another prototype and send it to them, and then they placed their first order,” said Laura.

And 25 years later…

“I’ve been with Bronner’s for 25 years now, and they sell a lot of scrolls,” said Laura.

They don’t just sell the scrolls at Bronner’s. They’ve shipped all over the world.

Maybe what makes each and every scroll so special is the personal touch they put on every one that goes through their store.

“It’s more personal, we burn the edges, people like that, we burn the edges so it gives it that old-fashion look. It’s not rolled up or anything, we make it look old-fashion and I think people like that,” explained Laura.

What’s more personal than your own name or of those you love?

“We do everybody’s name, what the meaning is of the name and then with an appropriate Bible verse to be an encouragement to the recipient,” said Laura.

Even though most of their business is online, you can still drop by their showroom in Cheboygan and check it out yourself, and they have one of the coolest floors in Northern Michigan.

“We have a gold glitter floors we love our floors. You get wowed when you come in here, right?” said Laura.

From an idea that started around her kitchen table over 25 years ago to spreading positive messages and good vibes worldwide.

“I think this is a drop in the bucket, and I think we have a long way to go. So it would be nice to put the whole town of Cheboygan to work and become the scroll capital of the world. That would be cool,” said Laura.

That would be cool!

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