Northern Michigan Businesses Excited For Snowfall

As that snow continues to fall, businesses around the snowbelt can hardly contain themselves.

Businesses around the southern Charlevoix County and Otsego County area are ecstatic to finally have some legit accumulation.

They say a day like today is one they’ve been waiting for.

“A good friend of mine said you know every snowflake is worth nickel, so a lot of nickels falling from the sky right now,” Paul Beachnau, Gaylord Area Tourism Bureau said

Although it’s a pain for some, the white flakes might as well be gold for local businesses.

“Travel and tourism is a multimillion dollar industry. I know some people aren’t crazy about it, but overall the business community the resorts, it’s really what we live for. So we are pretty darn excited about it,” Beachnau said.

Whether it’s for recreation, or the one’s helping clean it all up…

“We’ve been waiting a while for it, and it’s good for everybody. We make money on it, and it’s good for everybody else,” Ben Kozlowski said.

Snow is a welcome sight for commerce and fun

“We love it when the snow comes because it does bring extra people into our community that do use our restaurants, gas stations, hotels and it does make it so people downstate can enjoy what we have up here to offer too,”

Judy Kronka, Headwaters Land Conservancy said.

And the snow accumulation continues to rise but it’s still not quite enough for snowmobilers. This fluffy stuff will need to get packed down before they can get back out on the trail.

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