Mason County Begins Exploring Mason County Promise Scholarship

People in Mason County are now exploring the idea of a promise scholarship to give much-needed financial help to students going off to college.

Annette Quillan is one of the people working to make the Mason County promise a reality. It would give students who attend school from kindergarten through their senior year help paying for higher education.

“When the kids come the first day of school, the teachers can say we have a scholarship available so if you want to be a paramedic, you can go to West Shore and be a paramedic. You have to build on it,” said Quillan.

The promise scholarship would help pay for two years of schooling at West Shore Community College and cover what financial aid won’t. The promise scholarship could grow to cover even more education in the future.

“We are now gathering information about how many students would be going to West Shore based on previous enrollments from our area school districts. I think it gives them an element of hope that this will be there for them because it’s a promise,” said Quillan.

Annette says if other promise zones are any indication, this could have an impact beyond the walls of local schools.

“In all the areas that have had the promise, they said that commercially business move into the area, housing stabilizes, people aren’t migrating, kids graduate and go on to school, it also increases property values,” noted Quillan.

Parents say they this would be an enormous help for them if this plan becomes a reality.

“That would be a real help for our family. We don’t have an awful lot put away for college right now but it would certainly help to get some scholarships,” said Emily Garland.

The group working to form the promise is now looking at options they have to put this plan into action.

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