Grand Traverse County Commissioners to Discuss Travel Budget Concerns

Grand Traverse County commissioners are poised to discuss questions raised over money spent by one board member in particular.

Each year, money is set aside to use as a travel budget for commissioners.

This year, some commissioners have been questioning the amount spent by chair Carol Crawford.

Wednesday night she is proposing two options to amend the county’s travel policy.

Commissioner Cheryl Gore Follette says that this is not an issue the entire board has, but an issue from two commissioners.

Each year, $16,000 is set aside for commissioners’ travel expenses.

This year chair Carol Crawford has spent more than $5,000 of that.

Certain commissioners have raised concerns about that much being spent by one person.

That’s why Crawford is proposing two potential amendments.

One option would include requests submitted to the chair for approval with a detailed report after the conference.

The second option would put requests in front of the entire board for approval.

Gore Follette says that this is a purely political issue.

“It has nothing to do with anything beyond politics. We have a budgeted amount of money, it hasn’t been overspent, anybody who’s wanted to go to a conference has been allowed to go. I don’t know what the issue is, I don’t personally have an issue,” said Gore Follette.

She says she hopes that after Wednesday night’s meeting, they won’t have to talk about this again and can focus on more important issues.

The meeting starts at 5:30. Hear from commissioners after the meeting on 9&10 News at 11.

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