Financial Error May Cost Grand Traverse Co. Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

“It’s a huge mistake; it’s a big mistake.”

Grand Traverse County commissioners announced the discovery of a health insurance mistake which may cost them upwards of $140,000.

At the end of Monday night’s board meeting it was announced a financial error had been discovered in the county’s health insurance.

According to commissioners, the county has accidentally paid for the premiums of 15 people who either opted out of its health plan or no longer work for the county.

The net payment of those premiums is estimated at $140,000.

Board members say they’re doing everything to resolve the error and get a full refund from the insurance provider.

“I believe our administrator did indicate that, that is the goal. She will keep escalating that to higher levels to see what we can do about getting hopefully all of that money back. I’m glad to know that they’re putting that procedure in place and those checks and balances will be good going forward.,” Carol Crawford, chair for the GT County Board of Commissioners said.

The board also voted not to make any changes to the current travel expense policy.


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