Mancelona Granddaughter Helps Grandmother During Power Line Fire

Tuesday’s wind took more than electricity away from people across the area.

It caused a potentially dangerous situation in Mancelona.

Fire crews there say a granddaughter’s quick thinking may have saved her own grandma from a worse scenario.

“My first priority was to take care of my grandma and get her out,” says Kayla Moore, who lives next to her grandmother on Doerr Rd.

It started when Kayla heard a loud noise outside.

“I heard a crack of something. I didn’t know what it was and I was lying in bed. It was about 6 o’clock in the morning,” Moore says. “Something just told me to look out the window. It just looked like the entire home was on fire because the transformer was up in sparks and flames.”

Flames, indeed, she says were shooting across the front yard of her grandmother’s house.

“I ran across the road as I’m dialing 911,” Moore says. “I woke up my little brother, told him what was going on, came inside my grandmother’s home and I saw her half-asleep. All I can see was orange and flames and sparks flying what looked to be right inside of her bedroom almost.”

She stopped, assessed, and acted.

“I said Grandma, there’s been a fire, we need to get you out of here,” Moore says. “As we were approaching the steps, I just saw that her legs were kind of a little wobbly and she wasn’t going to make it down. Somehow, I have no idea how it happened, but I was able to lift her up and carry her down the stairs.”

Her brother, Bradley, also began to help.

“He jumped right out of bed, too, and he was able to get his truck pointed in the right direction so then the fire trucks knew right exactly to go,” Moore says.

Kayla says this telephone pole and that tree could’ve easily fallen the other direction into her grandmother’s house.

When that transformer hit the grass, the fire started and moved quickly right towards where her grandmother was sleeping.

“My hat’s off to her,” says James Marsh, assistant fire chief at Star Township Fire Department in Antrim. “Number one priority is if there is a fire, get them out of the house.”

No one was hurt and the home wasn’t damaged.

Marsh, who knows Kayla’s family well, says it could have ended much worse if it wasn’t for her help.

“It could’ve been a fatality. You never know,” Marsh says. “It depends on how quick the fire spreads. It depends on where the fire is.”

“This whole thing, we were all so fortunate because everyone had a game plan and we were calm and we were able to communicate with each other efficiently,” Moore says. “Always remain calm. The 911 dispatchers did an excellent job to kind of keep me calm. Fire crews were on scene within just a couple of minutes.”