Remembering 1963 eruption, Bali’s elderly wary of another

KLUNGKUNG, Indonesia

KLUNGKUNG, Indonesia (AP) — Bali’s glowering Mount Agung (AH’-goong) has seemingly quietened since hurling huge columns of ash from its crater a week ago but some villagers on the Indonesian island who survived the catastrophic 1963 explosions believe a bigger eruption is coming.

Ash plumes have dissipated in the past few days though an online seismogram from the mountain’s monitoring post resembles a crazed abstract painting, indicating the tremendous forces churning within.

Nengah Tresni, who was 12 when Agung erupted in 1963, killing 1,100 people, says the situation now is almost the same. She says: “I’m sure there will be a big eruption. It is just a matter of time.”

More than 55,000 people are living in shelters since officials expanded the exclusion zone around the volcano this week.

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